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Micro-channel reactor thermostatically controlled air-cooled chiller compressor troubleshooting meth

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The air-cooled chiller is a temperature
control device that is widely used in the microchannel reactor industry. Wuxi
Guanya LNEYA has produced a cold and heat source thermostatically controlled
air-cooled chiller for the microchannel reactor industry. If the compressor
fails during operation, it needs to be investigated and solved in time.

To troubleshoot the micro-channel reactor
thermostatically controlled air-cooled chiller compressor, first check the
circuit part to see if the equipment power supply, voltage, and switch are
normal; see if the equipment power supply is powered, the voltage is normal,
and the switch contacts are good , Whether the power supply lacks phase. When
the equipment is not equipped with an ammeter or a voltmeter, a multimeter or a
tester can be used to check the power supply. When the power supply voltage is
too low, the compressor cannot be started.

If the compressor of the micro-channel
reactor thermostatically controlled air-cooled chiller adopts a piston
compressor, whether the big end bearing bush and the curved sleeve of the
connecting rod are caught. These may be caused by the excessively high exhaust
temperature during the previous operation, or it may be caused by the coking of
the lubricating oil, which causes the cylinder and the piston to stick
together, which prevents the compressor from starting.

Check the thermostatically controlled
air-cooled water chiller differential pressure relay and high and low voltage
relay of the microchannel reactor. When the oil pressure of the compressor is
abnormal, the compressor can be stopped. At the same time, when the compressor
discharge pressure and suction pressure are abnormal, neither of them can be
started or the compressor will quickly stop running after it has been started.
Check whether the amount of chilled water, cooling water, and water temperature
are normal. If the water volume is small and the water temperature is high, it
will cause the condensing pressure to rise sharply and the evaporation
temperature to drop rapidly. Due to the action of the unit protection
facilities, the unit often shuts down quickly.

Check whether the solenoid valves and
regulating valves related to the equipment are malfunctioning, and whether they
are opened or closed as required. Check whether there is a leakage of working
fluid in the temperature sensing bag of the temperature relay, or the
adjustment is wrong.

Before use, the corresponding preparations
must be done well in order to run efficiently.

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