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What are the effects of the oil separator on the equipment analyzed by the chiller manufacturer

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Oil separators use more accessories in the
chiller refrigeration system. So as users, we need to understand where the main
impact is in order to better use the equipment.

In the configuration of the chiller, the
position of the oil separator is after the compressor discharge port. After the
compressor, this arrangement is because the refrigerant is mixed with the
refrigerated lubricating oil only after compression in the compressor
compression chamber, and the oil separation operation is required after being
discharged from the compressor. Oil separation is the separation of
refrigerated lubricating oil.

Therefore, the role of the oil separator is
also quite large. Once the chiller manufacturer does not have an oil separator,
it will cause the refrigerated lubricating oil and refrigerant to enter the
condenser together, and the condenser will not work, and the condensation
effect will not be achieved.

The chiller manufacturer tells everyone
that the oil separator has a great effect on the separation of the mixture of
refrigerant and oil, which greatly affects the work of the chiller. If the
separation effect is good, the cooling effect of the entire chiller will be
very good. If the separation effect is poor, the refrigeration effect of the
entire refrigerator will also become poor. This is because once the refrigerant
and lubricating oil cannot be completely separated, a small part of the
lubricating oil will enter the condenser with the refrigerant, resulting in
defects The cooling effect.

Therefore, the existence of the oil
separator still has its effect. Once there is no oil separator, the lubricating
oil will not be recovered, precipitated, cooled and continue to be supplied to
the compressor, and the compressor will lose lubrication, thereby increasing
the gap between the components. Wear and tear improves the heat dissipation and
prevents the compressor from operating normally in a short period of time.

Of course, these chiller manufacturers have
already considered it, so all the parts that should be configured for the
chiller have already been configured.

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