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What should I pay attention to when replacing a water-cooled chiller compressor

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Once the compressor of the water-cooled
chiller fails, the compressor needs to be replaced in time, but the replacement
of the compressor is not as simple as imagined.

Before the water-cooled chiller compressor
is replaced, the reasons for the damage to the original compressor must be
checked, and the defective parts must be replaced. Because the damage of other
parts of the water-cooled chiller will directly cause damage to the compressor.
After removing the original damaged compressor, the system must be purged with
nitrogen before the new compressor system can be connected.

During the welding operation of the
water-cooled chiller, in order not to form an oxide film on the inner wall of
the copper pipe, it is recommended to pass in nitrogen gas, and the time to
pass the nitrogen gas should be sufficient. It is forbidden to use the
compressor as a vacuum pump to empty the air in the pipeline of the external
machine when replacing the compressor or other parts, otherwise the compressor
will be burned, and a vacuum pump must be used to vacuum. When replacing, you
must add refrigerating oil that meets the nature of the compressor, and the
amount of refrigerating oil should be appropriate. Generally speaking, the new
original compressor has refrigerating oil.

When replacing the water-cooled chiller
compressor, the filter drier must be replaced in time. Because the desiccant in
the desiccant filter has been saturated and has lost the water filtering
function, clean the refrigerating oil in the original system. Because the new
pump has been injected with sufficient mass-produced refrigerated lubricating
oil, refrigerating oils of different brands cannot be mixed, otherwise it will
Deterioration causes poor lubrication, causing the compressor to pull cylinders,
turn yellow, and burn.

When replacing the compressor of a
water-cooled chiller, attention should be paid to prevent excessive
refrigerating oil in the system, otherwise the heat exchange effect of the
system will be reduced, which will increase the pressure of the system and
damage the system and the compressor. Do not fill the refrigerant too fast,
otherwise it will cause liquid shock, which will cause the valve plate to break
and cause the compressor to lose pressure.

After the compressor of the water-cooled
chiller is installed, check that the compressor is working normally, such as:
suction pressure/temperature, discharge pressure/temperature, oil pressure
differential pressure and other system parameters. If the parameter exceeds the
normal value, the reason for the abnormal system parameter must be clarified.

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