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Brand Tips of Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

When it comes to ultra low temperature freezer, a majority of people will get worried because ultra low temperature means the technology becomes more challenging. Compared with other refrigerant plants, the choices of ultra low temperature freezer are less. So, what brand of ultra low temperature freezer should we choose?

It is no doubt that the first choice is the ultra low temperature freezer made by Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. The reason why LNEYA in Wuxi is popular is that it has definite advantages. It applies microcomputer control, cascade temperature controller, digital display of temperature and the regulatory unit is 0.1 degree. The inside temperature ranges from 20 to 125 Degrees Celsius, which can perfectly meet the users’ requirement.

Secondly, the safety of ultra low temperature freezer is basically what people focus on. LNEYA has been striving to forge a safe and reliable experimental environment for users. The ultra low temperature freezer has multiple functions, including autognosis, overload protection of freezer, high-pressure press switch, overload replay, thermal protective device, fully ensuring the safety service and varied failure warnings ( over temperature alarm, high-pressure alarm, overheating of compressor alarm) which provides security for all of us to feel relieved to use.

The ultra low temperature freezer is primarily used in industrial cold treatment, promoting the elementary issues of the structure of metal to produce even, subtle and dispersive carbie precipitation which will improve the wear-resisting property and friction greatly as well as the increase of hardness and life service of wear-out parts directly. It is the ideal product for replacing liquid nitrogen, commonly being used in the thermal contractions of copper bush and bearing and extensively being applied in sophisticated machine assembling, large-scale equipment ( the ultra low temperature tests for cars, heavy-duty engineering machinery, the components of airplane, spaceflight instrumental units and military equipment units).

However, the dimensions are not fixed in many enterprises. Thus, LNEYA offers customized service to our consumers. A specific ultra low temperature freezer will be turned out only if loading capacity, inner dimension: length, width and height, and the time of full load reducing down to the target value.

When purchasing a ultra low temperature, branded products are needed. Not only should the quality be guaranteed but the after-sale services is also important. Some manufacturer sign the subcontracts with other companies about after service, without any service assurance.

It is believed that many users will determine to pick up an ultra low temperature after reading this article. The quality is as vital as after-sale services. The low temperature freezer price is reasonable. The users can be at ease because we have special after-sales teams.

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