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Price Analysis of High Low Temperature Test Chambers

As the saying goes, “ You get what you've paid. ” The price of the high low temperature test chamber is related to the quality of its configuration. The technology of Wuxi LNEYA itself is priceless. In the test chamber industry, the high low temperature test chamber is sold quite well.

First of all, from the product itself, the high low temperature test chamber adopts a unique balanced temperature regulating mode, which has a stable and balanced heating capacity. It can carry out high precision and high stability temperature control, the temperature is displayed with a touchscreen, which is easy to read. It has the function of automatically selecting the refrigeration circuit to run with the setting value of temperature, and the operation is simple. The box door is equipped with a large observation window, and the test condition of the sample can be observed at any time. Moreover, it has the function of high-temperature opening, it can open the refrigerator automatically when the temperature of the box raises to 150 ℃ so that the test can be carried out continuously between the high temperature and the low temperature. The high low temperature test chambers with different prices have different power and energy storage equipment, and the cost of the equipment is also related to them.

Secondly, in terms of performance, the reason why the price of Wuxi LNEYA high low temperature test chamber is higher than that of ordinary equipment is that the controller uses LNEYA PLC module, the program editor can edit 15 programs and each program can compile 45 steps, the touchscreen is LNEYA 7 inch color touchscreen, the data record is made in the form of temperature curve and alarm information(can be exported through U in the form of EXCEL), the communication adopts the RS485 interface Modbus RTU protocol, the compressor adopts the Emerson Valley wheel scroll flexible compressor, the French Tecumseh or Italy DORIN compressor, the drying filter adopts Danfoss or Emerson, the oil separator uses Emerson, the expansion valve adopts the Danfoss thermal expansion valve or the Emerson electronic expansion valve, all the components are of the international brands.

From the supply and demand of the market, the demand for the high low temperature test chamber is increasing while there are few manufacturers can overcome the technical difficulty of the new explosion-proof high low temperature test chamber, so the price is of the high low temperature test chamber high.

The above analyzes the reasons for the high price of the high low temperature test chamber from the aspects of cost, performance and market environment. It is believed that you now must have a clearer understanding of the high low temperature test chamber.

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