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What are the main advantages of oil coolers for the biopharmaceutical industry?

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In the refrigeration system of the oil cooler in the biopharmaceutical industry, the compressor, the evaporator and the condenser are the indispensable parts of the refrigeration system. The condenser is the equipment that emits heat, which combines the heat absorbed in the evaporator with the compressor The heat converted by the work is transferred to the cooling medium to take away together, which is responsible for the important components of the refrigeration system. If the function decreases, it will directly affect the refrigeration capacity.

There are two main types of condensers used in biopharmaceutical industrial oil coolers: air-cooled condensers and water-cooled condensers. Depending on the type of condenser, the method of cleaning the scale is also different.

1. The air-cooled condenser uses air as the cooling medium. Since there is often dust in the air, some of the dust will stick to the outer surface of the condenser fins. Over time, the cooling effect of the condenser will become worse. Especially in places where the environment is relatively harsh, it should be cleaned regularly. The cleaning method is: pure dust can be cleaned with compressor air, etc. If there is a lot of dirt, a non-corrosive cleaning agent should be used to clean the heat pipe and fins to achieve the purpose of improving the heat dissipation effect.

2. For water-cooled condensers, the main problem is to remove scale. The cleaning cycle depends on the water quality. If the water quality is poor, it can be cleaned at least once a year; if the water quality is good, it can be cleaned once every 2 to 3 years.

3. It can be cleaned with special cleaning fluid for heat exchangers. The specific operation method is: remove the condenser, release the accumulated water, and then clean the liquid in the tube until the water outlet has the position where the solution flows out.

The performance of the condenser of the oil cooler in the biopharmaceutical industry will gradually decline if it is used for a long time. As a result, the condensing pressure of the system will be higher than the condensing pressure during normal operation. Regularly protect and maintain the condenser. Here is a brief introduction to the two commonly used condenser protection and maintenance.

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