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The Main Application Areas of Air Cooled Chillers

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In the domestic and international industrial water chiller market, our most common industrial water chiller equipment can be roughly divided into two different types, one type is industrial air cooled chiller, the other type is industrial water cooled chiller. Judging from the current penetration rate of chillers in the industrial market, there is more demand for industrial air cooled chillers and a wider range of applications. So, under normal circumstances, in which industries do air cooled chillers have more applications? Below, we will give you a brief introduction to common sense in this area.

Industrial air cooled chiller equipment is widely used in many industrial manufacturers, and it can provide better professional refrigeration conditions for the production of all walks of life. In recent years, industrial air cooled chillers have been used more in the production of plastics, electronics manufacturing, electroplating, pharmaceutical and chemical, ultrasonic cooling, printing and other industries, and can accurately control the temperature range required by modern industrial mechanized production, thereby Greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.

Because the industrial air cooled chiller can provide the best production conditions for the production of many industries, it greatly improves the production efficiency of the industry. The industrial air cooled chiller does not need to be equipped with a water tower, and is easy to operate, reasonable in design, and excellent in quality. It has become an indispensable auxiliary production equipment in many industrial productions and the most important type of professional refrigeration equipment in modern industrial production.

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