Advantages of low temperature cooling recirculating chiller

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Low temperature cooling recirculating chiller is a kind of refrigeration using compressor, and the circulating pump provides cold source to maintain the temperature range from – 2 5℃ to 30 ℃. The refrigeration recirculating chiller has a space-saving vertical configuration and good heat dissipation effect. It can effectively control the external closed liquid loop when the temperature is far lower than 0 ℃. It is suitable for water, oil or other media of the manufacturer. All recirculating chillers can be connected with other equipment through hoses and used as a constant temperature source.

The high and low pressure of the low-temperature recirculating chillers are 2.5bar and 0.7bar respectively. The air-cooled fully enclosed compressor unit is used for refrigeration, microcomputer intelligent control, automatic opening and delayed closing of the refrigeration system, overheating and current multiple protection devices. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, life science, metrology, light industry, scientific research and other fields.

Advantages of low temperature cooling recirculating chiller:
1. One of the characteristics of the refrigeration cycle is the large single pressure ratio, but with the increase of the pressure ratio, the efficiency of the screw chiller decreases and the power consumption is large.
2. In order to expand the application range of screw chiller, improve the performance at low temperature and achieve the purpose of energy saving.
3. Taking advantage of the unidirectional operation of suction, compression and exhaust of the screw machine, an intermediate air supplement orifice can be set at a certain position where the rotor starts to compress, so that the single screw refrigerator can operate according to two compression, that is, the screw chiller with economizer.
4. It is usually used when the evaporation temperature is – 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. Compared with the original single screw chiller, the refrigeration capacity and refrigeration efficiency are greatly improved, and electric energy can be saved at the same time.

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