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How to solve the alarm signal issued by the chillers of the battery module?

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The battery module refrigeration and heating machine is mainly in the fields of electronics, metal, aviation, automobile, scientific research, etc. So how to solve the problem when the equipment sends out an alarm signal?

The circulation system of the battery module refrigeration and heating machine integrates refrigeration and heating. The circulation system is a device that can quickly achieve the effect of low-temperature refrigeration and heating. It can also be used for low-temperature experiments in the tank. Internal and external circulation function.

1. When the battery module cooling and heating chassis alarm, this is caused by the over-temperature protection switch is set too low, just set the switch to the required temperature to work normally.

2. Material over-temperature protection alarm: This type of alarm needs to be eliminated and reset before the battery module refrigeration and heating machine can run normally. And material over-temperature protection is divided into upper limit protection and lower limit protection, which need to be set according to the needs of users.

3. If the operator operates improperly, the alarm system will also remind. When the operator operates the equipment, it will also alarm when the set heating or humidification value is too high.

4. At this time, it is necessary to observe whether the temperature change is very slow, or the temperature has a tendency to rise after the temperature reaches a certain value. The former should check whether the studio is dried before the low-temperature experiment, so that the studio can be dried. Keep it dry, and then put the materials into the working room for experimentation. Whether there are too many materials in the working room, so that the wind in the working room cannot be fully circulated. After eliminating the above reasons, it is necessary to consider whether the refrigeration system is faulty. Need to ask the manufacturer’s professionals for maintenance.

5. The battery module refrigeration and heating machine adopts a touch screen controller, and the controller operation interface can be selected in Chinese/English, and the real-time operation curve can be displayed on the screen.

The above is all about the alarm prompt of the battery module refrigeration and heating machine. If there is anything you don’t understand, please feel free to call our service hotline. If you want to buy equipment, you can also leave a message.

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