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Characteristics and Advantages of Air Cooled Chillers

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1. Configuration of air-cooled chiller

Air cooled chillers can be divided into air-cooled vortex chillers and air-cooled screw chillers according to the type of compressor. The air-cooled vortex chiller is mainly composed of vortex compressor, evaporator, condenser, refrigeration element, circulating water pump, stainless steel water tank and original imported fan electric control system. The air-cooled screw chiller is composed of screw compressor, evaporator, condenser, refrigeration components, imported fan and electric control system. All the above parts are guaranteed to be 100% new and original. Welcome new and old customers to our factory for on-site inspection.

2. Protective device of air-cooled chiller

Long service time or improper operation of air-cooled chiller will cause unit failure. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of chiller, the equipment itself is equipped with multiple safety protection devices, such as reverse phase protection device, compressor overload protection device, high and low pressure protection device, automatic alarm device, low temperature anti icing protection device, etc. Even if the chiller fails, the protection device can be started at the first time to avoid secondary injury to the chiller.

3. Temperature control of air-cooled chiller

Both air-cooled box chillers and air-cooled stacked rod chillers can meet the refrigeration temperature required by various industries, up to 350 and down to – 150 . Moreover, the temperature adjustment can be set on the control panel of the chiller according to the demand. The specific setting method can be in accordance with the operation manual of the chiller.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection of air-cooled chiller

Chillers belong to mechanical equipment, and the primary problem considered by users is power consumption. One feature of air-cooled chiller is that after reaching the refrigeration temperature required by users, the compressor stops running to save electric energy. When the temperature is higher than the temperature set by the user, the compressor will restart to save power consumption for the user to a certain extent. In addition, for chillers with multiple compressors, each compressor has an independent refrigeration system. Users can decide the number of compressors to be started according to production needs, which is more flexible and convenient to use.

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