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Compressor key protection of reactor temperature control system

In the operation of the reactor temperature control system, the compressor is the core part, and its performance is more important. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the compressor.

Under normal working conditions, the compressor of the temperature control system of the reactor should inhale the dry vapor of the refrigerant. There is also lubricating oil entering the cylinder. If there is too much liquid entering, it is too late to discharge from the exhaust valve, and the pressure in the cylinder will rise sharply to form a liquid hammer, which is the damage to the cylinder, valve, piston, connecting rod and other parts. Therefore, various protective measures can be taken for the temperature control system of the reactor, such as installing a gas-liquid separator to separate the liquid entrained in the low-pressure steam to ensure the dry stroke of the compressor; installing an oil heater to lubricate the compressor before starting Oil is added to reduce the amount of refrigerant dissolved in the lubricating oil; or the air valve assembly is pressed against the end of the cylinder with a spring to form a false cover.

In order to ensure that the motor of the temperature control system of the reactor is not overheated, in addition to correct use and attention to maintenance, an overheat relay of the temperature control system of the reactor can also be installed; there is also phase loss protection. If the commonly used three-phase motor is out of phase, it will cause the temperature control of the reactor. If the system motor cannot be started or is overloaded, the overload relay of the reactor temperature control system can be used to avoid damage to the motor due to lack of phase.

The temperature protection method of the exhaust temperature of the reactor temperature control system is mainly to place the thermostat near the exhaust port of the reactor temperature control system. When the exhaust temperature is too high, the thermostat will act to cut off the circuit. If the shell temperature of the reactor temperature control system unit is too high, it will affect the life of the compressor, which is mainly caused by the insufficient heat exchange capacity of the condenser. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the air volume or water volume and water temperature of the condenser are appropriate. And check whether air or other non-condensable gas is mixed in the refrigeration system of the temperature control system of the reactor, or the suction temperature is too high, etc., you should pay attention to observation and detection.

The operator of the reactor temperature control system should also pay more attention to the maintenance of the compressor to avoid damage.

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