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Explosion-proof ultra-low temperature refrigerator internal leakage instructions

1. Sound leak detection method:

First, the refrigeration pipeline of the explosion-proof ultra-low temperature refrigerator is filled with nitrogen. Then use a stethoscope to check the interior. When you hear a leak in a certain area, mark it. Carefully pry open the metal plate at that place, check the leak point of the pipe with thick soapy water, repair by repair welding or gluing, fill the foaming agent, fill the mouth with a larger metal plate, and glue the four sides. . This method is incapable of causing micro-leakage in the refrigeration system, and is likely to cause false detection or missed detection.

2. Evaporator replacement method:

After the evaporator leak is determined, replacement repairs are performed using a finished evaporator that can be loaded into the interior of the original evaporator. Connect the new evaporator of the explosion-proof ultra-low temperature chiller to the original refrigeration line, and replace the new capillary and dryer. The disadvantage of this method is the high cost, which is powerless when encountering evaporators with special shapes or multi-door machines and leaks in the refrigeration tubes.

3. Copper tube coiling method:

This is a suitable repair method for leaks of any type of explosion-proof cryogenic refrigerator. Generally, the size of the purchased copper pipe is calculated first, and the shape and length of the copper pipe are determined according to the size of the inner casing.

4. Re-foaming maintenance method:

During the overhaul, it is necessary to open the back panel of the cabinet and dig out the original foaming material of the explosion-proof ultra-low temperature refrigerator. After exposing the evaporation tube, it is filled with nitrogen to check for leaks. Pay special attention to each connection solder joint when detecting leaks. This repair method is suitable for the case where the refrigeration system has a connector on the back, and is not suitable for the occurrence of internal leakage in the refrigeration pipe having a leak point at a deeper level. After the leak is detected, repair welding or repair with a glue pool, then re-foam and make up the back plate.

These methods of explosion-proof ultra-low temperature refrigerators can basically find out the cause of the internal leakage and solve them well.

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