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Refrigeration heating cycle device compressor precautions

The performance of the compressor in the refrigeration heating cycle device is very important. When choosing the compressor brand of LNEYA refrigeration and heating cycle device, the compressors of domestic and foreign brand manufacturers are specially selected, the performance is more reliable, but it is necessary to pay attention to the use of the compressor. There are a few things to keep in mind.

The compressor in the refrigeration heating cycle has only one correct connection, and the others are wrong. Due to miswired, the thermal protector may lose the protection function, which may cause the compressor to burn out, which generally causes the secondary coil to burn out. For the three-phase compressor, there must be a phase sequence protection device.

For a refrigeration heating system that is not fully enclosed, the refrigerant may enter the system, and the source of the system may be there. When the copper tube is cut, fine copper chips are generated, and the processing oil, impurities and other foreign materials in the system manufacturing process, and the compressor are long-term. When exposed to air, dust, water vapor enters, and welds, an oxide film is formed on the inner surface of the pipe, so it should be filled with nitrogen gas during welding.

The influence of the residue on the system in the refrigeration heating cycle system will aggravate the wear of the friction surface of the moving parts and block the oil passage of the pump. When the compressor contains tiny inclusions such as moisture, fiber, dust, etc., it may be adsorbed on the motor windings and wiring. On the column, reduce the insulation performance of the whole machine. The processing oil and the like also react with the refrigerant or the refrigerating machine oil to generate sludge and coke, and adhere to the exhaust valve piece, the suction filter, and the capillary to cause clogging.

The refrigeration heating cycle device is recommended to use a closed circulating piping system. There is no water vapor absorption at low temperature, no oil mist at high temperature, and the heat transfer oil can have a wide operating temperature. No mechanical and electronic valves are used in the entire circulation system.
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