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Motor cooling system tests the effect of condensing temperature

The motor cooling system tests the condenser. Under normal conditions, the first half of the heat pipe is very hot, and its temperature has a slow and slow gradual decline in the balance of power. The heat sensitivity of the second half of the heat pipe is greatly reduced compared with the first half. It is because the refrigerant in the second half of the tube has gradually liquefied, and the condensation temperature and the supercooling temperature have been reached.

When the motor cooling system tests the condenser abnormally, one is that the first half is not too hot, and the second half is close to normal temperature (ambient temperature) because the compressor draws in wet steam refrigerant or the refrigerant amount is insufficient.

When the other is abnormal, the entire motor cooling system tests that the condenser is hot because of excessive refrigerant volume or low ventilation, or high ambient temperature.

In operation, the shell of the shell-and-tube condenser is warmer in the upper half and the lower half is warmer. In the abnormal condition, the entire housing is not too hot, because the refrigerant is not enough, and the other is not. Normally, the entire housing is very hot due to insufficient cooling water or poor heat dissipation (scale in the water pipe). Under normal conditions, the casing condenser is very hot, because the amount of cooling water is too small or the heat dissipation effect is poor.

Motor cooling system test Once the condenser is blocked, it will affect the motor cooling system test cooling effect, so whether it is temperature or blockage, we need regular inspection and maintenance.

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