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LNEYA cooling and heating thermostat bath instructions

Circulating thermostatic water bath is water circulation and cooling function based on the increase in the water bath, can improve the precision of temperature control and temperature stability, can be widely used for drying, distillation, concentration, dipping in chemical reagents, impregnation of pharmaceutical and biological products, can also be used for constant heating water and other temperature test, is a biological, genetic, viral, aquaculture, environmental protection, medicine, health, biochemical laboratory, analysis room, education and scientific research necessary tools.

As we all know, there are very few impurities in the water, so does distilled water after adding to the tank.

For heating and cooling thermostatic baths, the general temperature is set at 20 ℃, specially adapted to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. After a long time, these microorganisms will clog the waterway filter, lead to backwater, then the pump will have large noise.

Sometimes these microorganisms are attached to the surface of the heat exchanger, reducing the effectiveness of heat transfer, and making the refrigeration quantity smaller.

Therefore, the routine maintenance must be strictly executed in accordance with the requirements of the manual. Clean the inner grooves regularly and keep dry during long-term shut-down.

When Heating and cooling Thermostatic Bath seems to be a leak, sometimes the ground for a few drops, check if there is a leakage on the waterway? Generally, it will not leak during abnormal usage. When the ambient temperature is relatively high in the air together with large humidity, the moisture on the pump, water pipe joints, external water pipes of the waterway in the water circulation are easily condensed out as dew, then accumulated and dropped to the ground, so do not worry whether there is somewhere leak. If you care about it, turning on the air-conditioning to reduce room temperature or dehumidifying can prevent the dew.

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