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High temperature test equipment related troubleshooting

The high temperature test equipment is mostly caused by water shortage in the water circulation. This way, the purified water is replenished to the water tank until the water level meter on the lower right side of the water tank reaches about 80% of the entire scale. Every equipment will be fully commissioned before shipment. During the commissioning process, we have done ample tutorials for each internal system. If the equipment is in transit, due to up and down vibration, the float and the water inlet below the ball are embedded. Together, blocked the water inlet. By shaking the float off the water inlet, the water supply is normal. Such a situation usually occurs when a new machine is delivered, or when the device is parked for a long time.

If the humidity of the high-temperature test equipment continues to rise, even when it reaches a high point, the wet ball cloth is mostly lack of water. This is usually the impurity in the water that precipitates on the wet cloth and loses its water absorption properties. So at this time, look at the wet cloth is too dirty. If so, replace it with a wet cloth. If the wet ball cloth is new, there is still such a situation. Look at the wet ball tank for water. If not, it is a problem with the water supply circulation system. This detects the pump and the failure of the water level float described above. There is also an error that the operator does not often make mistakes: the wet ball cloth does not have the lower part of the water that is not soaked in the wet cloth sink. The water leakage of the high-temperature test equipment mainly comes from the water circulation leakage and the wet ball tank. The water leakage from the water channel is mostly caused by the water tank and the water pipeline rupture, so that the gap weld repair or the relevant joints can be solved without leaking the water pipe. The wet ball slot is located below the wet ball cloth. In this case, it is common for the wet ball groove to leak due to uneven ground.

If the high temperature test equipment failure can not be solved, you can contact the high temperature test equipment manufacturer for after-sales consultation.
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