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Several Big Considerations for Enterprises When Using Heating Coolers

In addition to the above-mentioned enterprises, which should arrange for someone to be responsible for the start and stop of refrigerators, switches, and repairs and maintenance. The precautions for the use of refrigerators in enterprises are as follows:

First, the refrigerant leaked
Leakage of refrigerant not only affects the cooling efficiency of the heating and cooling machine, but also affects the health of the personnel involved in the engine room due to leakage of the refrigerant. Therefore, the problem of leakage of the refrigerant must be noticed.

Under normal circumstances, the refrigerant is not a consumable product, so it will not be constantly missing. If it is often or abruptly missing, it is recommended to check whether the refrigerant in the refrigerator is leaking. If there is a leakage problem, the leak should be found in time and make up for leaks, or replace the relevant refrigerant piping and connections. And if necessary, it should perform forced ventilation.

Second, pay attention to the load of the refrigerator
The load on the refrigerator is larger, or it exceeds the rated load, resulting in overload, which will affect more serious problems, including reduction of cooling efficiency, increase of noise, increase of vibration amplitude, excessive consumption of electrical resources, reduced life expectancy and so on. It needs to pay attention!

Third, temperature and pressure
It can be said that the parameters related to temperature and pressure are the most important parameters of the refrigerator. Enterprises should pay attention to the parameters related to the temperature and pressure of the refrigerator. Solve problems in time, and avoid affecting the normal operation of the refrigerator.

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