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LNEYA won the title of Jiangsu Provincial Gazelle Enterprise in 2022

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Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Productivity Promotion Center officially released the evaluation results of the unicorn enterprises and gazelle enterprises in 2022 in Jiangsu and the high-tech zone, and LNEYA won the title of the gazelle enterprise in 2022 in Jiangsu.

The Gazelle Enterprise in Jiangsu Province was awarded this time, demonstrating LNEYA’s ingenuity and strong potential in focusing on the field of cooling and heating temperature control technology for many years, accelerating the realization of high-level cooling and heating temperature control technology innovation, taking its own cooling and heating dynamic temperature control technology as the driving force, making precise efforts, strengthening the construction of technical teams, integrating resources, and increasing the equipment in pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, universities, scientific research institutions, new energy, semiconductor, aerospace The share of environmental protection engineering, machinery and other industries has gone deeper and deeper to inject stronger impetus into the development of enterprises.

In the future, LNEYA will continue to increase R&D and innovation, based on the industry’s pain points, break through one by one with scientific and technological strength, focus on solving the customer’s problem of temperature control of wide temperature refrigeration and heating and reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration and heating systems, provide competitive system solutions and services, continue to create greater value for customers, and strive to contribute higher quality refrigeration and heating temperature control equipment to various industries.

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