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-45 °C freezer manufacturers analyze compressor burnout detection and repair methods

In the -45 ° C freezer, the compressor is one of the more important components, the manufacturer Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) tells everyone that once the compressor fails, it needs timely inspection and maintenance, then how to check the work and maintenance?

The core component of the refrigeration system is the compressor. The faults of the motor refrigeration compressor (hereinafter referred to as the compressor) can be divided into motor faults and mechanical faults (including crankshafts, connecting rods, pistons, valve plates, cylinder head gaskets, etc.). Mechanical failure often causes the motor to overload or even stall, which is one of the main causes of motor damage.

The damage of the -45 °C freezer motor is mainly caused by damage (short circuit) and open circuit of the stator winding insulation layer. When the stator winding is damaged, it is difficult to be discovered in time, which may cause the winding to burn out. After the windings are burnt, some phenomena or direct causes of burning are masked, making post-mortem analysis and cause investigation difficult. However, the operation of the motor is inseparable from the normal power input, reasonable motor load, good heat dissipation and protection of the winding enameled wire insulation.

The motor load includes the load required to compress the gas and the load required to overcome the mechanical friction. If the pressure ratio is too large, or the pressure difference is too large, the compression process will be more difficult; the frictional resistance caused by the lubrication failure will increase, and the motor stall in extreme cases will greatly increase the motor load. Lubrication failure and increased frictional resistance are the primary causes of load anomalies. Dilute the lubricating oil, the oil is overheated, the coking and deterioration of the lubricating oil, and the lack of oil will destroy the normal lubrication, resulting in failure of lubrication. The liquid is diluted to dilute the lubricating oil, which affects the formation of the normal oil film on the friction surface, and even washes away the original oil film, increasing friction and wear. Overheating of the -45 °C freezer compressor will cause the lubricating oil to become thinner or even coked at high temperature, which will affect the formation of normal oil film. The system does not return oil well, the compressor is short of oil, and naturally it is impossible to maintain normal lubrication. The high-speed rotation of the crankshaft and the high-speed movement of the connecting rod piston, the friction surface without the oil film protection will rapidly heat up, and the local high temperature will cause the lubricating oil to evaporate or coke rapidly, which makes the lubrication of the part more difficult and can cause local severe wear in a few seconds.

LNEYA reminds all users that when purchasing a -45 °C freezer, it is recommended to purchase from a manufacturer with a professional after-sales service team to avoid the late failure and no technical personnel to repair, resulting in increased enterprise costs, which is not conducive to work.

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