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Cryogenic storage tank (explosion proof) chemical cryogenic storage

Product Overview:

Microcomputer control, multiple security protection, and more reliable operation;

Single-compressor automatic cascade supercooling refrigeration technology; compressors use Secop and France Taikang brand
Contactors and circuit breakers are all based on the Schneider brand;

Display high and low pressure of refrigeration system; user-friendly design, flexible and convenient;

With self-diagnosis function, freezer overload protection, high-pressure pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other security functions, fully guarantee the safety of use;

Double-layer sealing, mold-breaking thermal insulation layer, ultra-thick polyurethane foam insulation layer, better insulation;

Multiple fault alarms (over temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, compressor overheat alarm);
Boot delay protection; air balance hole to ensure that the door can be opened smoothly and lightly every time;

Temperature recording function: record the temperature of the cabinet, set the temperature
Alarm recording function: record fault alarm independently;

Single-phase power supply 220V 50HZ (other specifications can be customized);

The isolation and explosion-proof motor, aluminum wind blade, the compressor is installed in the explosion-proof cabinet, the explosion-proof electrical cabinet, the explosion-proof temperature sensor and the pressure protector are installed in the explosion-proof cabinet, and all the components are safely grounded.

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