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Low temperature circulating chiller startup and shutdown operation

When the low temperature circulating chiller is turned on, it can be automatically turned on when the manual start is selected. The automatic start-up needs to open the compressor exhaust shut-off valve, start the cooling water pump and the coolant pump, press the compressor start button, then the oil pump is automatically put into operation. The spool automatically returns to the “0” position. After the oil pressure difference is established, the main motor is automatically started after a delay of about 15 seconds, and the bypass solenoid valve A is automatically opened. After the motor is running normally, the A valve is automatically closed. When the main motor of the low temperature circulating chiller starts, the suction shutoff valve should be slowly opened at the same time. Otherwise, the excessive vacuum will increase the vibration and noise of the machine and enter the normal working state. The load position is automatically adjusted according to the pressure set value or the coolant temperature set value.

When the low temperature circulating chiller is stopped, the selector switch is in the automatic position, press the compressor stop button, the spool automatically returns to the “0” position, the main motor stops automatically, and the bypass solenoid valve B automatically opens, and the oil pump delay automatically stops. After the shutdown, the B valve is automatically closed and the suction shutoff valve is closed. If the machine is shut down for a long time, the exhaust shut-off valve should also be closed, then turn off the pump power supply and the compressor power switch.

The low-temperature circulating chiller needs to pay attention to the compressor suction and discharge pressure, suction and exhaust temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure during operation, and record it regularly. Note that the instrument is required to be accurate. When a certain safety protection action is automatically stopped during the operation of the compressor, it is necessary to find out the cause of the failure before starting the machine. It is not allowed to turn on again by changing their set value or shielding the fault. If the sudden low power cycle causes the low temperature cycle machine to stop, because the bypass solenoid valve B cannot be opened, the compressor may reverse. At this time, the suction shutoff valve should be quickly closed to reduce the reverse rotation. If the machine is shut down for a long period of time in a low temperature season, all the water in the low temperature cycle system should be drained to avoid freezing the equipment.

If the low temperature circulating chiller is turned on during the low temperature season, first turn on the oil pump, and rotate the coupling according to the direction of the motor rotation to make the oil circulate in the compressor and fully lubricate. This process must be carried out under manual starting mode; if it is freon Refrigerant, before starting the machine, first turn on the oil heater to heat the oil. The oil temperature should be above 25 °C. The low-temperature circulating chiller unit should be shut down for a long time. The oil pump should be turned on every 10 days to ensure that all parts of the compressor have lubricating oil. Each time the oil pump starts for 10 minutes; every 2~3 months, the compressor is started once. After 1 hour, ensure that the moving parts do not stick together.

In general, the operation steps of the low-temperature circulating chiller are still very simple. When the low-temperature circulating chiller manufacturers leave the factory, they are given instructions for the buyer. This can be safely chosen.
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