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Aspects to be aware of when using an air-cooled all-in-one

The air-cooled all-in-one is in operation, unless it is necessary, please do not open the chassis door, otherwise the following adverse consequences may result. When the equipment is subjected to a high temperature test, it is very dangerous to blow the high temperature air out of the box. When the equipment has just completed the high temperature aging test, the inside of the box door will remain hot and cause burns. High temperature air may trigger a fire alarm and cause a malfunction. Please note that it must be reliably and reliably grounded to avoid static induction. Avoid turning the refrigeration unit off and on within three minutes. If a test sample is placed in the test chamber, use an external power supply for the power supply control of the test product. Do not use the power supply directly.

When placing high temperature samples for low temperature test, be careful: the time to open the door should be as short as possible. Circuit breakers and over-temperature protectors provide reliable protection of the test items and operators, so check them regularly. It is forbidden to test explosive, flammable and highly corrosive substances. The LED lights should be turned off except when necessary. The air-cooled all-in-one machine should dry the studio before drying at low temperature and dry for 1 hour at 60 °C. When the air-cooled one-piece machine is used for high-temperature test, when the temperature exceeds 55 °C, it is forbidden to turn on the cold machine. In any section perpendicular to the dominant wind direction, the sum of the cross-sectional areas of the test loads shall not be greater than one third of the working section there.

The use of these air-cooled all-in-one machines should be noted, the operator must pay attention to it, usually look at the operating rules and use them carefully to avoid injury.
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