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What should I pay attention to when the price of 5p refrigeration units is too low?

5p refrigeration units are commonly used refrigeration equipment in various industries. Users will definitely consider the price factor when they purchase. However, Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) reminds everyone that there are certain differences between the five refrigeration units at different prices. In particular, the 5p Refrigeration units with very low prices need special attention.

When users buy 5p Refrigeration units, they need to pay attention to whether they are used for refurbished. Many manufacturers buy second-hand ones, and then they can be sold as new ones through refurbishment. One second-hand may be only a few hundred pieces. After renovating, one machine can be used. Selling tens of thousands, so many buyers who don’t understand it will purchase 5p Refrigeration units if they don’t pay attention to it. Some of the low-cost ones can’t be done. These 5p Refrigeration units are basically refurbished. No one will do a loss-making business. It is necessary to distinguish when some of the core components in the refrigeration unit are produced, and whether there are any used insides.

For a 5p Refrigeration units, the after-sales service is a key one. The piping system is complicated. Many problems require professional personnel to analyze and solve it. Moreover, it still needs maintenance and cleaning after running for a certain period of time. How to ensure reliable operation without stable after-sales service What? There are a lot of 5p Refrigeration units manufacturers in order to sell equipment, want to do all kinds of methods, the price is the main way, in order to compete for peers, the price is very low, basically less than 30% of the market price is possible, but also Promise as long as there is any problem with the warranty, the customer bought it and thought it was cheaper. After the use, the problem will come. It will take a month or two to go wrong. The luck can be used for the previous year. Basically, It's very difficult to use it for a year. If you have a problem, ask them to deal with it. It will be more active once or twice. After three or five times, the repairs will be delayed, and the trouble will continue. Your production will be in trouble.

Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) 5p Refrigeration units adopts single-machine self-cascading refrigeration technology. The equipment will be issued after long-time debugging by the commissioning department, and a special technical after-sales department is set up to be responsible for the relevant after-sales work. Therefore, users do not have to worry about meeting. Go to the relevant after-sales service problem.

For the user, the price is only a very important factor, but it should not be the decisive factor, or look at the performance, to ensure the cooling effect, look at the price, try to ensure a win-win situation.
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