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Advantages of Cold Plate Freezer

The freezing method is mainly used when the capacitive liquid crystal touch panel of smartphones and tablet computers has defects in production, such as bubbles, foreign objects, black spots, white spots, misplaced..., and needs to be used for rework, repair, overturning, and refurbishment.

At present, the commonly used rework methods include molybdenum wire cutting method, liquid nitrogen freezing method, and freezer freezing method. The cold plate freezer freezing method is the best among the above three methods. Although the equipment investment cost of the freezer freezing method is higher than that of the cutting equipment and the liquid nitrogen freezing equipment, due to its high rework yield and low post-use cost without any danger, it has been adopted by many enterprises engaged in mobile phone screen, industrial screen production, maintenance, and recycling. Touchscreen cold box has gradually become the mains rework equipment in the LCD touch panel industry. Poor sealing of OCA on capacitive screen, poor adhesion of UV water glue, poor adhesion of cover, black spots, blurred screen, CTP repair, rework, OCA split refrigerator, touch screen fit bad decomposition refrigerator, LCD split refrigerator, capacitive touchscreen rework, capacitive screen freeze separation, LCM complete unfit, OGS touchscreen unfit. 

Easy to use. It can be used simply by connecting it to the power supply, without the need for other peripherals. No vulnerable parts and consumables, safe and reliable, low cost and so on. 100~-150°C touchscreen separate refrigerator. Touchscreen freezing separation ---- high efficiency, high yield, a low-cost. Special manufacturer of the screen folding refrigerator, the price has an advantage. Easy to operate: Simply connect the power supply and use it. 100~-150°C touchscreen separate refrigerator. Touchscreen freeze separation-----high efficiency, high yield, low cost. Professional manufacturer of screen-removing refrigerators, with advantageous prices. Easy to operate: Simply connect it to the power supply and use it.

The flat-type low-temperature freezer developed by Wuxi Guanya Refrigeration technology co., ltd has been independently designed and developed. The temperature can be adjusted from -40 °C to -130 °C. When supporting 380V power supply, it can also be equipped with 220V power supply, which can not only meet the needs of various flat panel display degumming, mobile phone touch screen degumming, but also can be applied to plasma quick freezing, blood quick freezing, food quick freezing setting and low temperature continuous testing of blade steel strip. And other fields.

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