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How to Choose Water Chiller Units in Small Factories

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At present, the water chiller industry is constantly accelerating the pace of development, more and more different types of chillers have emerged, and many small-scale water chiller plants have been born. However, the performance and quality of water chillers produced by smaller enterprises can not fully meet the specific environmental requirements of enterprises, so small factories with less capital must pay more attention to the purchase of water chillers and control the purchase funds.

Professional water chiller factory said that the quality of equipment can be seen from the three main components of small water chiller units. The most important one is the compressor, which is the heart of the unit and the most critical component. A good compressor should not only run stably, but also ensure good energy efficiency.
Evaporator and condenser are also one of the main components of water chiller. Evaporator and condenser play the role of heat absorption and exothermic respectively. Adequate and appropriate heat transfer can give full play to the efficiency of compressor. If the heat transfer capacity of the condenser is insufficient, it will directly affect the refrigeration effect of the unit. In summer, the high pressure is easy to occur, and even the protection shutdown of the chiller is caused by the high pressure exceeding the standard. The heat transfer of evaporator is more important. The insufficient heat transfer will not only cause the inefficiency of the unit, but also make the refrigerant unable to evaporate completely. It will directly return to the compressor to cause liquid hammer and damage the compressor, thus making the whole chiller unusable.
Another main component is the expansion valve, which is not only a flow regulating valve but also a throttle valve in refrigeration equipment in the refrigeration system of water cooler. The main function is to reduce the pressure and throttle the refrigerant liquid flowing through the thermodynamic expansion valve at high pressure and normal temperature, and to change it into low temperature and low pressure refrigerant wet vapor, which enters the evaporator and vaporizes and absorbs heat in the evaporator, so as to achieve the purpose of refrigeration and cooling.

Small factories should pay attention to the following three points when choosing and purchasing:
1. Selection of key parts for chillers.
Compressor is the main index affecting the performance of shadow water chiller. In order to control the overall production cost, many water chiller manufacturers adopt poor quality products in compressor and other major parts, and even use retrofitted compressors, which seriously affects the later use efficiency of industrial water chillers, resulting in increasing energy consumption.
2. Controlling the purchase cost.
On the premise of guaranteeing chiller’s main energy, it can achieve the goal of reducing cost and satisfying enterprise’s production demand with the least capital by purchasing industrial chiller products at a higher cost performance ratio.
3. Purchase chillers according to the environment used by enterprises.
Water quality and air quality have a certain impact on the operation of water chillers. It is necessary to inform the water quality and air quality of the position of the water chiller manufacturer’s own enterprise in advance.

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