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What are the system components of various distillation devices?

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1. A complete set of short-path distillation equipment: including short-path evaporator, heating system, feeding system, cooling system, vacuum system, material collection unit, etc.;

2. A complete set of thin film distillation equipment: including thin film evaporator, heating system, material pretreatment unit, cooling unit, vacuum unit, material collection unit, etc.;

3. High-vacuum distillation device: including distillation kettle, packing device, condenser, receiving tank, heating system and refrigeration unit, vacuum pump group, etc.

It can be seen that the distillation process is inseparable from the temperature control and regulation of cooling and heating. A large part of our Wuxi Guanya customers come from distillation equipment manufacturers and laboratories/pharmaceutical companies, because our heat transfer oil circulation system has a wide temperature control range of -120°C~350°C, and the temperature control accuracy is ±0.5°C. It has greatly improved the distillation process and the composition of the distillate.

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