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How to improve the efficiency of water cooled chillers?

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Water cooled chiller is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses water resources for refrigeration. In recent years, water-cooled chiller is more and more widely used at home and abroad, mainly because most modern industrial production needs to use water cooled chiller. Therefore, as a mechanical equipment often used in industrial production, water cooled chiller is more and more welcomed by all kinds of enterprises. 

So, when using water-cooled chiller equipment, how to improve its work efficiency? Now, let’s introduce this common sense to you. 
When using industrial water cooled chillers, it is best to be able to use water cooled chillers of different models and characteristics according to different production conditions and working conditions.
If it is a refrigeration unit, it is generally appropriate to select 2 ~ 4 sets, 2 sets for small and medium-sized scale, 3 sets for large scale and 4 sets for super large scale. The possibility of mutual standby and switching between units shall be considered.

In order to improve the refrigeration efficiency of industrial production, when using water-cooled chillers, we must effectively distinguish the characteristics of different models of water-cooled chillers. The combined scheme of matching units of different types and capacities can be adopted in the same machine room to save energy consumption. Among the units operating in parallel, at least one unit with high degree of automation, good regulation performance and high efficiency under partial load shall be selected. When selecting the piston chiller, the chiller with multi head automatic joint control should be preferred.

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