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The advantages of water cooled chiller you need to know

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Industrial chillers can be generally divided into water-cooled and air-cooled according to the type of refrigeration. The heat exchange medium of Water Cooled Chillers is water.LNEYA has designed and developed a new type of temperature control equipment according to the needs of many customers, which can be customized for different process selections to achieve the cooling effect.

Our water cooled chiller adopts a fully enclosed circulating pipeline, which avoids the phenomenon of high temperature oil mist and low temperature absorption of water, ensuring that the working environment will not produce pungent smell, and also avoids the situation that the heat transfer medium becomes viscous and adheres to the pipeline after absorbing water, resulting in poor refrigeration effect. The water cooled chiller can meet the requirements of the enterprise’s low temperature environment to achieve the purpose of high-efficiency operation of the equipment.

Water cooled chillers mainly rely on water circulation to cool down. In the actual operation process, in order to achieve a better cooling effect, the water cooled chiller adopts circulating water to continuously circulate, which has a larger flow rate than tap water, and can achieve a relatively high energy efficiency ratio and improve the service efficiency of the water cooled chiller. Therefore, the number of customers buying water cooled chillers is also increasing.

The water cooled chiller has a relatively strong environmental adaptability and can also operate the chiller in an efficient way. Under the operation of a large water cooled chiller, the overall load is relatively low. Even if it runs for a long time, water cooled chillers can meet the needs of low-temperature environments with relatively little energy consumption. Therefore, the water cooled chiller has greater advantages in the use of the same equipment.

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