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Troubleshooting of Common Faults of Industrial Water Chiller

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As we all know, with the rapid development of modern industrial technology, in order to improve production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce consumption costs, the demand for temperature control equipment in the process is higher and higher, but there are more and more product quality problems about some industrial water chillers, So we simply analyze some common problems about industrial water chillers.

Abnormal temperature at the inlet and outlet of cooling water: the water temperature at the inlet of condenser is too high (higher than 32 ℃), first check whether the fan of cooling tower can be reversed (there are such examples in practical engineering). Then, after technical demonstration and on the premise of feasibility, adjust the blade angle of the fan to improve the air volume of the fan.

Another phenomenon often occurs in the system with multiple cooling towers in parallel. When the local load is running, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the condenser is too small. It is necessary to check whether each cooling tower has been equipped with an electric valve, or whether the set electric valve fails to form a cooling water bypass, which can not be cooled completely.

The differential pressure at the inlet and outlet of cooling water is abnormal. According to the relevant refrigeration theory, the heat release of the condenser will directly affect the refrigeration capacity. Therefore, the user should first check the cooling water system based on the pressure loss value on the main engine. If the pressure difference obtained from the value of the pressure gauge at the inlet and outlet greatly exceeds the normal value, it indicates that there are sundries at the inlet of the condenser.

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