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The Product Categories of Low Temp Chillers

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The low temp chiller is a kind of professional refrigeration design with large demand in domestic industrial market. Many enterprises need to use low temp chiller products to create low temperature environment in industrial production. Different industrial production need different types of low temp chillers. So what are the categories of low temp chillers? If you want to know more about this problem, we will give you relevant introduction and answer next.
With the increasing popularity of low temp chiller products in the domestic industrial market, many enterprises will choose the most suitable low temp chiller products according to their own needs when purchasing. According to their shape, the products of low temp chiller can be divided into three types: scroll type, screw type and lithographic type.
However, in the domestic market of low temp chillers, some professionals will divide the products of low temp chillers by their original workload. In fact, according to this method of  division, low temp chillers are mainly divided into two types: water-cooled water chillers and air-cooled water chillers. Water-cooled chillers include water-cooled open chillers, water-cooled low temp chillers, water-cooled screw chillers, water-cooled tank chillers, water-cooled acid-alkali-resistant chillers while air-cooled chillers include air-cooled screw chillers, air-cooled tank chillers, and air-cooled split chillers.

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