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What is the connection between temperature and chemical reaction?

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The chemical reaction can produce more stable products, and then as the temperature is released, the energy before the component reaction is released.

On the other hand, the components of the reaction may produce different products, depending on the additional energy they have available in the form of temperature.

Temperature will not only change the amount of movement of the molecules involved so that they can mix better, but also change the angle of connection between the molecules or the position of the electrons, making it easier for them to form bonds. All reactions can be carried out above a certain temperature. However, before the correct temperature, the reactants are more likely to decompose.

For almost all chemical reactions, the rate increases with increasing temperature. The fundamental reason is that at higher temperatures, more molecules in the reaction will have enough energy to overcome the activation energy “blocking” the reaction. Under low temperature conditions, the heat generated during the reaction can be better released, so that the chemical components can react more fully without producing undesirable products. This is why the temperature of the product may be lower than the temperature of the reactants in the endothermic reaction. The reason is that endothermic reactions are those reactions that require heat (we need heat) to react. The energy of the reactants is relatively small, so we provide energy to make the reaction happen. Therefore, all energy (heat) is consumed to carry out the reaction, and the temperature of the product may be lower.

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