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The ethylene glycol chiller solution is too cold and too hot

When the ethylene glycol chiller solution is overheated and overcooled during operation, if you don't understand these conditions well, you will not be able to operate the equipment well.

The supercooling phenomenon of the solution of the glycol chiller refers to the condensed saturated liquid is re-cooled by a certain device and method, so that the temperature is lower than the saturation temperature under the condensing pressure. -The occurrence of subcooling can reduce the flash gas generated by the refrigerant liquid in the throttling process, reduce the specific volume of the flash gas, increase the unit refrigeration capacity, and increase the superheat of the return gas, which protects the compressor Wet stroke operation has certain advantages.

The overheating of the ethylene glycol chiller solution refers to the difference between the saturation temperature and the saturation temperature after overheating, which is called the degree of superheat. The method of measuring the degree of superheat is to measure the evaporation pressure as close as possible to the temperature sensor bulb, convert the reading to temperature, and then subtract the temperature from the actual temperature measured at the temperature sensor bulb. The degree of overheating should be between 5-8°C. A high degree of superheat will cause the compressor discharge temperature (discharge superheat) to increase, and the compressor's operating conditions will deteriorate and its service life will be reduced. Therefore, the degree of inhalation superheat should be controlled within a certain range.

Due to the length and thermal insulation of the solution return pipe (suction pipe) of the glycol chiller, the steam in the pipe is transferred to the outside and heated. This phenomenon is called "inhalation overheating" or "pipe overheating". This kind of overheating will increase the suction temperature of the compressor and increase the specific volume of the suction steam, resulting in a decrease in the refrigeration capacity per unit volume and a decrease in the refrigeration capacity of the compressor. This is detrimental to the refrigeration cycle. This problem is called "Harmful overheating." Therefore, shorten the length of the suction pipe as much as possible to reduce this harmful overheating.

In some fluorine refrigeration systems that use expansion valves, the degree of superheat is used to adjust the degree of opening of the thermal expansion valve. This phenomenon is called "beneficial overheating." Similarly, the superheat generated by the fluorine steam after reheating is also a beneficial superheat.

If the ethylene glycol chiller solution is too cold or too hot, there are certain beneficial or harmful places. Please pay attention to understand when you use it.

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