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How to choose an industrial water chiller system

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Want to buy an industrial water chiller
system? Want to buy a reliable industrial water chiller system? Want to buy a
high-quality industrial water chiller system? How to buy?

1. Process requirements

Regardless of equipment, LNEYA provides
users with detailed process requirements, such as volume, material, reaction
time, temperature range, whether the substance is self-heating, and other
specific details of the reaction process. Professional sales personnel will
select equipment that meets the process size.

2. Manufacturer strength

We are committed to the development,
production and trade of refrigeration equipment, ultra-low temperature
freezers, refrigeration and heating temperature control systems, heating
circulation systems, low temperature cooling water systems, explosion-proof
electrical equipment, automated integrated distributed control systems,
experimental instruments and equipment, and industrial freezer rooms. entity.

It has a research and development team of
highly qualified professional designers with rich experience in ultra-low
temperature, high and low temperature development. In particular, the
temperature control of the reactor is an advanced single-medium
control-continuous temperature control from 90 degrees to +250 degrees.

3. After-sales guarantee

LNEYA is equipped with a dedicated
after-sales department and a technical department. It focuses on science and
technology, applies advanced technology, and constantly introduces the old to
bring forth the new, keeping up with the pace of the market to meet market
needs. The equipment will go through no less than 12 hours of load testing
before leaving the factory. From product design, component procurement,
screening, production process, packaging and transportation, etc., ISO9001-2008
international quality certification requirements are standardized and managed,
and we strive to strive for product excellence. The price is reasonable and the
service is satisfactory.

4. Configure the brand

The configuration of the industrial water
chiller system is different for different models, and the brands of accessories
are also different. For example, the compressor uses French Taikang
compressors, German blog compressors, Bitzer compressors, and Emerson Copeland
compressors. The first-line brand compressors at home and abroad; filters,
filter elements, expansion valves, solenoid valves, oil separators, pressure
protectors, various liquids and other accessories adopt brands such as Emerson,
Swiss Prop, Danfoss, Schneider, etc., and more in quality Guarantee and run
more smoothly.

5. Equipment price

When you buy an industrial water chiller
system, you must know that the price is one price, and the price behind each
device must be reasonable. LNEYA’s own technology is priceless. With its
advanced refrigeration technology, professional quality, combined with the best
of others, careful research and development, it has achieved satisfactory
results. The company’s comprehensive after-sales service has won the trust and
support of the majority of users, and the purchase is more secure.

After reading the knowledge of purchasing
industrial water chiller systems, I must have an idea of
how to
choose. Hope that enterprise users can buy suitable industrial water chiller

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