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Battery module test equipment selection error description

Many battery module companies have certain misunderstandings about LNEYA's battery module test equipment. There are some errors in selecting the battery module test equipment model, so try to select the battery module test equipment. Avoid some misunderstandings.

Many units thought that as long as the tester can distinguish between PASS and FAIL, they can be tested. It is as simple as using the "PASS machine" of GOINOGO to test the component test system. It should be said that having a test system only solves the test hardware problem, and more importantly, it solves the test software problem. The test software referred to here does not refer to the narrowly defined software for device testing, but refers to the broadly used testing technology, which refers to the people and technical teams who master the testing technology. A unit's ability to test is not strong, not only depends on what level of test system it has, but more importantly, what level of test technology team it has.

So what is a battery module test equipment? The battery module test equipment involves the correct understanding of various parameters, test principles, test methods and related test standards of various components, and the basic capabilities and skills related to the preparation and debugging of the device test program, involving the test The understanding and rational use of the system hardware principle, the development and debugging of the test adapter, the compensation of the test system and the measured parameters of the device under test, the analysis and processing of the data, and the measurement and measurement of the test system, etc. Wait.

Can not ignore the test procedure of the battery module test equipment, can be a very important problem in many test technology problems, the device test program problem (especially the test system introduced abroad), if you do not have the test program preparation ability Directly affect the use of the test system. Although some domestic test systems are developed and manufacturers provide test systems to user units, they can provide common test procedures. However, the development of devices is fast, new device series and varieties are emerging, and new test procedures need to be added. . In addition, there is no test program programming capability, it is often difficult to analyze and deal with various problems in the test, and it is difficult to apply the test system very well.

Can not only pay attention to the type and model of the components tested by the battery module test equipment and ignore the inherent performance of the test system, many of the practices that the whole machine enterprise often sees in the system selection, in fact, look at the battery module test equipment test system It is also very important.

If the user does not know how to choose, you can select the model according to the professional technicians of the battery module test equipment manufacturer. Remember to provide complete conditions.
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