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Manufacturer analysis – 90 ° C single-stage refrigeration system compressor common form

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There are many types of compressors in the -90 °C single-stage refrigeration system. The most used ones are the piston refrigeration compressors. So, do you know which types?

In the refrigeration system industry, the more commonly used refrigeration compressors are screw, piston and centrifugal. Piston compressors are mostly used in the -90 ° C single-stage refrigeration system of the box-sealed structure (called water-cooled box – 90 ° C single-stage refrigeration system), which is divided into fully enclosed, semi-closed and sealed according to the sealed type. Open three.

The -90 °C single-stage refrigeration system semi-hermetic compressor is characterized in that the body and the motor housing are bolted and sealed with a gasket to form a closed fuselage. The motor is mounted directly on the crankshaft of the compressor. The sealability of this compressor is better than that of the open type, which reduces or even avoids leakage.

The -90 °C single-stage refrigeration system open-type compressor is characterized in that the power input end of the shaft extends out of the body and is coupled to the motor by a transmission such as a coupling or a pulley. The crankshaft extends out of the body and is sealed by a shaft sealing device. Since it is impossible to achieve sealing by the shaft sealing device, leakage of refrigerant and lubricating oil in the refrigeration system and infiltration of outside air are inevitable. Therefore, such a compressor is not suitable for a small automatic refrigeration system without a small amount of filling and without an air separator.

-90 °C single-stage refrigeration system Fully enclosed compressor is characterized in that the body and the motor are installed together in a closed casing, and the joints of the casing are welded. From the appearance, only the suction, exhaust pipe and the terminal of the motor, the sealing performance of this compressor is good. Regardless of the type of piston refrigeration compressor used, this single-stage refrigeration system can be collectively referred to as a piston single-stage refrigeration system, and is one of the commonly used models in various industries.

Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA)-90°C single-stage refrigeration system manufacturers choose the compressor according to the corresponding model. In the compressor brand selection, the brand manufacturer compressors are selected, which is more stable in performance.

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