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The role of the chemical and pharmaceutical reactor chiller

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In the process of pharmaceutical synthesis and fine chemical operation, we often encounter strong exothermic reactions such as oxidation reaction and acid-base neutralization. For these strong exothermic reactions, if the control is improper or the equipment is not powerful, reliable accidents or accidents are likely to occur. Defects of low production efficiency. How to control the temperature of the reactor reliably and effectively?

The temperature in the reaction stage of the reactor is not a linear process. Among them are the influence of various factors such as exothermic, endothermic, reaction rate, etc. Pure PID control cannot be controlled. Fully automatic control is very difficult to realize. It is necessary to establish a mathematical model and adopt a special medical reactor chiller. Temperature control.

In the process of continuous and stable exothermic reaction, it is necessary to continuously and uninterruptedly pass cooling water into the jacket of the reactor to cool down in order to barely maintain the balance of cold and heat. This is called “bottom draining”. However, if the heat release suddenly intensifies, it is easy to cause flushing, overflow or larger accidents. The main reason is that the heat exchange area per unit volume of the reactor is too small. The amount of cold energy required.

The medical reactor chiller is based on the predictive fuzzy self-tuning PID integrated control technology to realize the temperature control of the reactor. The main idea is to use the predictive output of the system model, combined with the conventional PID control experience, and adopt the fuzzy inference method to improve the controller algorithm. . Compared with the usual PID control scheme, this equipment improves the stability and adaptability of the system, and better solves the problem of temperature control of the reactor.

Our lneya’s dynamic temperature control system is also a medical reactor chiller, which has certain applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, medical and other fields. It can help the heat generated in the reaction process to be quickly taken away and the temperature rises in time, so as to improve productivity and efficiency. For equipment details, please contact us

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