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Multi-stage refrigeration small temperature control compressor description

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The function of the compressor in the multi-stage refrigeration small temperature control station system is to draw the refrigerant vapor of the evaporator and increase its temperature and pressure, which is discharged into the condenser. In the condenser, the high pressure superheated refrigerant vapor condenses at the condenser temperature. Then, through the throttling element, the liquid mixture after the natural gas is reduced flows into the evaporator, and the refrigerant liquid absorbs the boiling temperature in the evaporator, and is converted into steam into the compressor, thereby realizing the continuous circulation of the refrigerant in the refrigeration system.

Therefore, the refrigeration compressor of a multi-stage refrigeration small temperature control station is relatively “heart” of the system. Various refrigeration compressors are classified according to the working principle and can be divided into quantity and speed. The volumetric type of motion compression can be divided into two types: reciprocating (piston and rotating). According to the structural characteristics of the rotary compressor, it can be divided into rolling piston type (also called rolling rotor type), sliding vane, spiral type (including twin screw type, single screw type, scroll type), which is continuous according to the compression process of the speed type compressor. The application is mainly a centrifugal refrigeration compressor. According to the classification of evaporation temperature, it can generally be divided into high, medium and low compressors. High-temperature refrigeration compressor: -10 ° C ~ 10 ° C; temperature in the refrigeration compressor: -20 ° C ~ -10 ° C low-temperature refrigeration compressor: -45 ° C ~ -20 ° C. According to the classification of the sealing structure, it can be roughly classified into an open compressor and a hermetic compressor. Can be divided into semi-closed and fully enclosed compressor seals.

The component composition of a multi-stage refrigeration small temperature control compressor is also important, and the cylinder is the main part of the working part of the piston refrigeration compressor. Different materials and structural types should be selected according to the different pressures, displacements, gas properties, etc. of the compressor. The crankshaft is one of the main components of a piston refrigeration compressor that delivers the full power of the compressor. Its main function is to change the rotational motion of the motor through the connecting rod to the reciprocating linear motion of the piston. The connecting rod is a connecting member between the crankshaft and the piston, which converts the rotary motion of the crankshaft into a reciprocating motion of the piston, and transmits power to the piston to work on the gas. The multi-stage refrigeration small temperature control table connecting rod includes a connecting rod body, a connecting rod small head bushing, a connecting rod big head bearing bush and a connecting rod bolt. Piston Set: The piston set is a general term for pistons, piston pins and piston rings. The piston group is driven by the connecting rod to make a reciprocating linear motion in the cylinder, thereby forming a variable working volume together with the cylinder to realize the processes of suction, compression and exhaust. The function of the multi-stage cooling small temperature control table shaft seal is to prevent the compressed gas from leaking outward along the extended end of the crankshaft, or to prevent the outside air from leaking when the pressure in the crankcase is lower than the atmospheric pressure. The compressor is the core component of the entire multi-stage refrigeration small temperature control station refrigeration system. It must pay attention to correct use and regular maintenance to ensure normal operation.

The types of compressors for multi-stage refrigeration small temperature control stations are as shown above. The user’s multi-stage refrigeration small temperature control station should select the compressor according to the needs of its own model, at least to ensure the smooth operation of the multi-stage refrigeration small temperature control station.

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