12hp freezer heat transfer oil selection instructions

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When choosing a 12hp freezer, users need to pay attention to the choice of heat transfer oil. For LNEYA, suitable heat transfer oil is very important. What should you pay attention to when choosing heat transfer oil?

The 12hp freezer adopts a fully enclosed circulation line. Only the heat transfer medium participates in the cycle. The temperature of the expansion tank is always maintained at 60 °C at normal temperature, which avoids the problems caused by air entering the circulation system. The selection and detection of the heat transfer oil of the 12hp freezer is generally carried out from the following four aspects. The viscosity change generally indicates the degree of contamination, thermal cracking and oxidative degradation of the heat transfer oil in the system. When the change is greater than 15%, it should be taken seriously. The flash point change indicates that there is low boiling in the system, and when the change is greater than 20%, attention should be paid. The change in acid value indicates that the heat transfer oil in the system is contaminated or oxidized. When the acid value reaches 0.5, attention should be paid. The increase in residual carbon value generally indicates that it is caused by sputum, corrosives, severe oxidation or severe thermal cracking, and should be taken seriously when it reaches 1.0 (m%).

After the test results are out, if the indicators are out of the range, the heat transfer oil is running well; if one or more of them are out of range, you should consider taking measures to replace the heat transfer oil to restore the heat transfer oil to a good condition. 12hp freezer has more heat transfer oil models, 12hp freezer should choose the right manufacturer’s heat transfer oil.

Wuxi Guanya (LNEYA) recommends using the heat transfer oil of the relevant equipment manufacturer as well, and the miscellaneous brand of heat transfer oil may cause the 12hp freezer to operate poorly.

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