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Main points of maintenance of flash high and low temperature test chiller

Buyers of flash high and low temperature test chiller are increasing day by day. Many people find that the service life is greatly reduced after purchasing. Therefore, operation management and maintenance personnel must have certain professional knowledge and professional skills, so that the service life will be longer.

If the flash high and low temperature test chiller system is properly maintained, it can improve use efficiency, reduce failures, extend the service life of the unit, and greatly reduce operating costs.

1. Regularly clean the air filter of the equipment:
is usually cleaned once every 2 to 3 weeks. Pull out the filter when cleaning, and use a dry soft brush to remove the dust on the filter. It can also be cleaned with water to remove the dust on the filter. After drying, put it into equipment for use.

2. Check the equipment plug and socket:
The user should always check whether the electrical plug of the equipment is in good contact with the socket. If it is found that the power lead or plug is hot when the flash flash high and low temperature test chiller is running, the reason may be that the electrical wiring is too thin or the plug or socket If it is caused by poor contact, measures should be taken to solve it.

3. Long downtime:
Flash Flash high and low temperature test When the chiller needs to be shut down for a long time (such as the seasonal shutdown of the equipment), the equipment should be cleaned.

4. Frequently clean the dust on the panel and cabinet:
Under normal circumstances, we use a dry cloth to wipe. Wipe first, and then wipe off the detergent with a cloth dampened with clean water. Do not use hot water, gasoline, volatile oil and corrosive solvents to clean the panel and casing of the equipment. Avoid using hard-bristled brushes to clean the equipment, so as not to damage the shell, causing paint peeling, fading, etc.

5. Regularly clean the condenser and evaporator coils of the flash high and low temperature test chiller:
Brush and vacuum cleaner can be used. Remind you that when cleaning, the brush and vacuum cleaner should be cleaned in the vertical direction of the coil, and do not clean in the horizontal direction, so as not to damage the fins of the coil.

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