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Powertrain test cooling system-chiller maintenance

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The powertrain test cooling system-chiller is one of the cooling systems. It has the characteristics of higher application efficiency and lower total energy consumption, and has generally been favored by many companies.

However, no matter what kind of industrial equipment, maintenance must be carried out in the entire application process, otherwise it will sometimes cause some minor problems and reduce its service life.

Powertrain test cooling system-the maintenance method of the chiller:

1.Screw compressor
Screw compressor is a very important component in the unit. The advantages and disadvantages of refrigeration compressors are immediately related to the reliability of the unit.

2. Check the valve
Powertrain test cooling system-the condenser of the freezer and the evaporator of the air conditioner are both classified as high-pressure vessels. According to requirements, valves must be installed on the high pressure end of the unit, that is, the condenser itself. Once the unit is in an abnormal office environment , The valve can automatically relieve pressure to avoid high pressure that is likely to cause damage to the body. Therefore, the valve’s on-time calibration is very important for the reliability coefficient of a unit.

3. The addition of refrigerant
If there is no other unique reason, the general unit is not easy to cause a lot of leakage. If a certain amount of refrigerant leaks due to incorrect operation or after maintenance, it is necessary to add refrigerant again. When adding refrigerant, pay attention to the type of refrigerant used by the unit.

4. Disassembly and replacement of dry filter device
The dry filter device is a key component to ensure that the refrigerant develops all normal circulation systems. Because water and refrigerant are miscible with each other, if the system software contains water, it will greatly harm the operating efficiency of the unit. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the dryness of the system software. The filter element inside the dryness filter device must be removed on time. change.

5.Dismantle and replace the grease
Powertrain Test Cooling System-After long-term application of the chiller, the oil quality of the grease will decrease, and the residue and moisture inside the oil will increase, which will harm the actual cooling effect of the cooling system group. Therefore, it is necessary to observe and inspect the oil on time Product. Once a problem is found, it should be replaced immediately, and the grease type to be replaced must conform to the technical documentation.

6. Cleaning of condenser and air-conditioning evaporator
Because the cooling water of the water cooler condenser is an open circulatory system control loop, the drinking water is generally used in the circulatory system of the glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower. When the calcium and magnesium salts in the water are very large, they are very easy to dissolve and accumulate on the cooling water pipe to produce dirt and harm the actual effect of heat transfer. Excessive fouling will continue to reduce the commercial circulation cross-section of the cooling water, reduce the water flow, and increase the working pressure. Therefore, when the water body of the applied cooling water is weak, the cooling water pipe is cleaned less once a year to remove the dirt and waste in the pipe.

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