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Application of Chiller

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With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, in order to improve production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce production costs, the requirement of temperature control in production process is becoming higher and higher.

Chillers are widely used in industrial production processes, such as the plastic industry: accurate control of the mold temperature of various plastic processing, shorten the beer-plastic cycle, and product quality is stability. Electronics industry: stabilize the molecular structure of electronic components in the production line and improve the qualification rate of electronic components. It is used in the ultrasonic cleaning industry to effectively prevent the volatilization of expensive detergents from harming people. Electroplating industry: control plating temperature, increase plating density and smoothness, shorten plating cycle, improve production efficiency, and improve product quality. Machinery Industry: Control the pressure and oil temperature of the oil pressure system, stabilize the oil temperature and pressure, prolong the use time of oil quality, improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication and reduce wear and tear. Construction industry: Provide frozen water for concrete, make concrete molecular structure suitable for building use, and effectively enhance the hardness and toughness of concrete. Vacuum coating: Control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine to achieve high quality. Food industry: It is used for high-speed cooling after food processing to adapt to packaging requirements. In addition, the temperature of fermented food can be controlled. Chemical Fiber Industry: Freeze dried air and the product quality is good.

Generally, water cooling (i.e. natural water and water tower cooling) can not achieve the goal of high accuracy and rate control of temperature, because natural water and water tower cooling are inevitably affected by natural temperature. The water temperature is low in winter and high in summer. It is almost impossible for the temperature of water to reach 10 if the temperature is 30 C, so the control in this way is extremely unstable. The water cooler is totally different from the general water cooling equipment, because the water cooler has a complete refrigeration system, and will never be affected by temperature and environment. The water temperature can be adjusted and controlled in the range of 5 ~30 ~C, so it can achieve the goal of high precision and rate control of temperature. The water circulating system in the chiller can save water resources and reduce production cost by using water circulating in the chiller.

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