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Harm of dust to thermal oil temperature control system of reactor

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Dust in daily work will also have a certain impact on the circuit board work of the thermal oil temperature control system of the reactor. Dust is an unevenly dispersed system composed of particles suspended in the air. It mainly comes from industrial emissions, combustion Soot, soil dust, etc. Let me explain what the dangers are.

1. Dust will float with the air. When it floats above the circuit board, a certain electric field will be generated when the circuit board is working. These electric fields will attract dust and make it fall on the circuit board. The dust removal of the hot oil temperature control system will cause corrosion to the printed lines in the circuit board and the metal pins of electronic components, etc., which will seriously cause the printed lines to be moldy and broken, usually the printed lines will be moldy and broken The site will occur in the thin signal line, the via hole of the multi-layer circuit board, and the impact on the circuit board after the mildew is broken is that the control fails or does not work.

2. Sometimes the metal pins of the electronic components of the thermal oil temperature control system of the reactor will be corroded, and even the metal pins will be rusted. If the component is rusted and broken, if it occurs in the power supply part, the entire circuit board will not work. If it occurs in the control part, it will cause control failure.

3. The common problem is that there is a lot of dust in the use environment, and the dust enters the heating contactor, causing the contactor to be stuck and not working. Whether it can heat up.

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