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Test Chamber

Room environment refers to simulate natural climate environment in the space of valid range test types are: high and low temperature test box, high low temperature test box, thermal shock test box, glycol refrigeration heating system, salt fog test box, high and low temperature (heat) test box, air circulating refrigeration heating system, thermostatic bath non standard products...

The main components of Wuxi Top Asia with German import parts, excellent performance, fast temperature rise, good reliability, is ideal for the equipment of the environmental testing laboratory. At present, the company's products have been sold well in Britain, Germany and France. The environmental chambers for sale now!

What are the chiller's precautions for purchasing an environmental laboratory?

The water cooler is also called a chiller and is a kind of cooling water equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. At present, there are many kinds of water cooling machines in the market, and the quality is uneven. The prices are different. How do you choose the right water cooler for your environmental laboratory?

Market rules determine that all product prices are cost plus profit, and water coolers cannot be an exception. If the selling price is too low, manufacturers will certainly make a fuss about the cost of water-cooled machines. So buying a water cooler can examine the quality of the product from the following aspects:

1. Compressor: The compressor’s cost alone accounts for a large part of the cost of the water cooler, and it is the core component of the water cooler, which determines the cooling capacity of the water cooler. It is usually judged from the four aspects of brand, stability, energy consumption and service life whether the water cooler is good and reliable.

2. Condenser: It is generally made of copper tube, and the refrigerant is carried in the tube, and the aluminum fin is matched to obtain a large surface area for heat exchange. The quality of the condenser can usually be considered in terms of materials, condensation area, and material quality.

3. components: including contactors, relays, thermal protectors, expansion valves, pressure controllers, dry filters, etc. It is these components that ensure the normal operation of the water cooler. The seemingly unimportant component quality determines the reliability of the water cooler. In general, the quality of the components of the big brands is stable and reliable. Therefore, according to the brands selected by the components of the water-cooled engine manufacturers, the product quality can be roughly judged. Guanya Refrigeration is good!
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