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Temperature cycle failure analysis of single fluid heating refrigeration system

The performance of single-fluid heating and cooling systems of different manufacturers is different. LNEYA is committed to creating a high-configuration single-fluid heating and cooling system to solve the problem of cooling and heating temperature control for users. How to solve the problem of temperature cycle failure in single-fluid heating and cooling system? ?

The basic parameters of the temperature cycling of the single-fluid heating and cooling system are mainly six: 1 upper limit temperature; 2 lower limit temperature; 3 temperature change rate; 4 upper limit temperature holding time; 5 lower limit temperature holding time; In the single-fluid heating refrigeration system temperature cycle test, the uniformity of the gas flow in a single-fluid heating refrigeration system is an important parameter that will affect the temperature change rate of the product. The mechanism and sensitive components of temperature cycle induced failure: temperature cycling makes different materials with different expansion coefficients expand differently, causing peeling, cracking, and sensitive components such as paint coating.

The temperature cycling of the single-fluid heating and cooling system makes the joints that are screwed or riveted loose, and the sensitive components such as screws and riveted parts; the temperature cycle makes the press-fit joints with insufficient mechanical tension slack; the high-low temperature alternating test chamber temperature cycles make the material Poor solder contact resistance increases or induces an open circuit, and its sensitive components such as resistive components; temperature cycling causes contact corrosion and contamination, and its sensitive components such as alloy materials.

Therefore, for the user, the high-performance configuration of the single-fluid heating and cooling system is very important, the cheap single-fluid heating and cooling system is not necessarily easy to use, and the expensive single-fluid heating and cooling system will not go wrong. (This article is from the source network, if there is any infringement, please contact LNEYA to delete, thank you.)
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