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How to choose low temperature and high temperature aging test equipment?

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The refrigeration capacity and temperature range of materials in different industries are different. Generally speaking, the cooling capacity is divided into 80kw, 120kw, 180kw, 240kw, 360kw, and the cooling temperature ranges from -25°C to -5°C. The cooling rate is fast. It is safe and reliable, and is used for rapid liquid cooling. It is widely used in high-tech industries such as petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, freeze-drying, pharmaceutical, military and so on.

Materials Low-temperature and high-temperature aging test equipment generally has standard type and explosion-proof type. In industries with high safety requirements or low-temperature high-temperature aging test equipment for high-power materials, it is selected according to different needs. In addition, according to the particularity of the industry, different industries have different choices for the types of evaporators. Common evaporators have tube evaporators and plate evaporators. The prices of different evaporators are also different, so when selecting materials for low temperature and high temperature aging test Need to pay attention to the next.

The materials used in low temperature and high temperature aging test equipment are different. If there is special need in the industry, the brine is generally: non-corrosive liquid, ethanol aqueous solution, ethylene glycol aqueous solution, heat transfer oil, etc., according to your needs. At the same time, the price of different brines is different. It is recommended to use conventional brine as well.

There are many models for low-temperature and high-temperature aging test of materials. In the temperature range, the different temperature ranges and powers correspond to different models, and the price is different. Professional technicians need to calculate the corresponding power size to select the corresponding model.

When selecting low temperature and high temperature aging test equipment, pay attention to distinguish between water cooling and air cooling. The larger the model, the louder the noise will be. The large unit will choose water cooling to effectively reduce the noise. Enterprises need to choose according to their own requirements.

The low temperature and high temperature aging test of materials is a kind of refrigeration equipment that continuously cools circulating water for use in various industrial cooling systems. Its application industry is very extensive, from chemical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, electroplating, oxidation, coating industry, to Plastic, electronics, laser, foundry and other industries have a very important role.

These are the main points of LNEYA material low temperature and high temperature aging test purchase, if there are other parameters to understand, please contact our professional sales staff to solve.

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