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Instructions for using the hydrogenation reactor cooling and heating integrated system

There are many accessories in the hydrogenation reactor cooling and heating integrated system, from the compressor to the electrical components. LNEYA reminds you that if you find more evaporator freezing oil, it is recommended to deal with it in time.

Generally speaking, when the hydrogenation reactor is used to cool and heat the integrated system, the temperature is in the range of 100 ℃ ~ 300 ℃, the heating temperature is different, and the oil used is also different. The heating oil is used for a long time, and it should be replaced in time, otherwise the oil spill will catch fire; there is the decomposition of the vegetable oil at high temperature, and other substances can be added to increase the cooling and heating of the hydrogenation reactor. The stability of the integrated system. Be careful not to splash water in the oil bath during operation, otherwise it will generate splashes and affect the operator.

Too much refrigeration oil in the evaporator of the hydrogenation reactor cooling and heating integrated system can also cause insufficient cooling capacity and slow down the temperature. The oil stored in the evaporator can be directly judged by the hot and cold boundary of its oil surface. If the oil level is too high, it should be released in time.

Some refrigerants and refrigerator oil dissolve with each other. Therefore, when the refrigerant in the refrigeration system circulates, it is inevitable that there will be refrigerator oil remaining in each part. Hydrogenation reactor cooling and heating integrated system with frozen oil remaining in the heat exchanger will affect the heat transfer coefficient. Especially when the refrigerator oil enters the evaporator of the hydrogenation reactor cooling and heating integrated system, if the structural design or installation is unreasonable, the hydrogenation reactor cooling and heating integrated system refrigerator oil will only enter or not enter, so that There is more and more refrigerating machine oil remaining in the evaporator, which seriously affects its heat absorption effect, and there is insufficient cooling capacity. If it is not treated at this point, the temperature will not drop, so oil draining must be carried out.

It is more difficult to judge how much refrigeration oil remains in the evaporator tube and affects refrigeration. In this case, there will be an obvious anomaly, that is, the white frost on the evaporator tube is sparsely drawn, incompletely formed, and appears to be frost. If there is no other fault, it is likely to be left in the evaporator tube. There is too much oil in the refrigerator. To remove the freezing oil in the evaporator, it must be removed, rinsed and dried. For the discharge tube evaporator, because it is very inconvenient to disassemble, the inlet of the evaporator of the hydrogenation reactor cooling and heating integrated system can be blown with compressed air, and then the evaporation tube is dried with a blowtorch.

If you encounter difficult problems during use, you can contact the hydrogenation reactor cooling and heating integrated machine manufacturer-Wuxi Guanya to solve it.

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