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The Role of Chemical Refrigeration Temperature Control Unit

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In pharmaceutical and chemical plants, the raw materials inside the reactors involved in industrial production require rapid cooling and cooling. In order to achieve this goal, the reactor undergoes direct refrigeration and cooling, thereby indirectly reducing the temperature of the materials inside the reactor.

1. There should be operational records that record the operation status of the unit, and maintenance technical files should be created. Detailed records are conducive to identifying common faults and hidden dangers, and taking effective measures as soon as possible to prevent faults from occurring.

2. Adopting a compressor, matched with a condenser and evaporator, with high efficiency, stable performance, low noise, and long service life. The centralized control of the PLC unit, equipped with an energy ratio of a compressor, can timely and accurately control the matching of the refrigeration capacity and cooling load of the unit, ensuring efficient operation of the unit and reducing operating costs.

3. The internal integration has multiple protection and processing functions, such as water cut-off, low temperature and high temperature, low voltage anti freezing, phase loss delay start reverse phase, overload motor overheating, and oil pressure difference.

3. Full Chinese operation interface, menu style prompts, and the operation status of the unit can be set arbitrarily. The operating environment is home appliances, and the capacity control can adopt four section or three section and no section control systems.

4. The built-in oil pressure system ensures that the compressor maintains lubrication without the need for an oil pump. The oil separator adopts a double-layer filtration method, which has excellent oil filtering effect. The heat converter can fully utilize its capacity

5. The selection of steel pipes makes the contact between the steel pipes and the fins closer, with higher heat transfer efficiency, small volume, light weight, and more compact and reasonable structure.

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