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LNEYA is an elite enterprise that produces professional new energy vehicle motor detection systems.

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  In the development of modern automobiles, new energy vehicles have become the mainstream era of contemporary automobile development. Among them, the drive motor system is one of the main components of new energy vehicles, and its performance is related to the overall efficiency of new energy vehicles. To this end, Wuxi Guanya’s new energy vehicle motor detection system is used more in the current new energy vehicle motor test part, and its importance is also undoubted.

At present, domestic new energy vehicles need to have the ability to test the power system, drive system and control system. Therefore, the drive motor test system of Wuxi Guanya is for the motor parts manufacturers. In the use of new energy vehicle motors, due to the limited space of new energy vehicles, the volume, power efficiency and weight of new energy vehicle motors have certain requirements. Only the motor drive systems of new energy vehicles are efficient and light. The high-efficiency area is wide, ensuring that the new energy vehicles are operated in an efficient manner under most working conditions, which reduces the power consumption of the whole vehicle to a certain extent and improves the mileage of new energy vehicles.

Based on the user experience of new energy vehicles, Wuxi Guanya New Energy Vehicle Motor Inspection System can test the motor drive system, continuously improve the safety and reliability of the drive motor, and whether there is vibration in the operation under normal conditions for different working conditions. And the generation of noise. Secondly, the whole motor drive system of the new energy vehicle is more important. The whole drive system includes the motor system and the mechanical transmission. In the new energy vehicle, the three systems of the drive motor system, the battery system and the electronic control system are new energy sources. The three cores of the car, for the test of the drive motor system, Wuxi Guanya launched a new energy vehicle motor detection system, for the performance of the battery system, Wuxi Guanya launched a new energy vehicle battery temperature control system, Wuxi Guanya’s new energy vehicle motor And the battery test temperature control system follows the scope of the test standard, and utilizes high-performance motors and battery systems to break through the use of short boards and improve the performance of use, providing a solid foundation for the development of new energy vehicles.

Wuxi Guanya is a professional enterprise of new energy vehicle motor detection system. It is an excellent talent in the field of temperature control. It provides selection, sales, production, commissioning, delivery, installation and after-sale service. It is a new energy vehicle motor parts manufacturer. Provide basic technical support.

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