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How to avoid operational errors in fluid heat transfer temperature control systems?

During the operation of the fluid heat transfer temperature control system, if the fluid heat transfer temperature control system fails, the main reason is the operation error. So how do we avoid mistakes.

1. The operation of the fluid heat transfer temperature control system should pay attention to many aspects. First, operate the reactor strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations. Secondly, before operation, carefully check whether there is any abnormality. During normal operation, do not open the upper cover and touch the wiring terminals on the board to avoid electric shock.

2. Operation with pressure is strictly prohibited; in the process of pressure test, carefully observe the change of the pressure gauge, when the pressure test pressure is reached, close the valve switch immediately; the heating speed should not be too fast, and the pressure should be carried out slowly, especially the stirring speed, only allow Ramp up slowly.

3. When heated to a higher temperature, do not contact the kettle body to avoid burns; it should be cooled first after the experiment. Do not cool quickly to prevent damage caused by excessive temperature differential pressure. At the same time, unplug the power supply in time. At the same time, pay attention to maintenance after use, so as to have a better extended service life.

4. The main sealing port adopts A-type double-line sealing, and the other sealing points adopt the sealing form of line contact between arc surface and plane, arc surface and arc surface, relying on the high precision and smoothness of the contact surface to achieve good sealing. sealing effect.

5. The coupling is mainly composed of a pair of inner and outer magnetic rings with strong magnetic force, and there is a pressure-bearing spacer in the middle. The agitator is driven by a servo motor through a coupling. The purpose of controlling the stirring speed can be achieved by controlling the speed of the servo motor.

6. The outer body of the fluid heat transfer temperature control system is equipped with a barrel-shaped silicon carbide furnace core. The electric furnace wire is passed through the furnace core. connected.

7. The kettle body and the kettle cover are made of stainless steel. The kettle body is connected with the flange through threads. The kettle cover is a normal flat cover, and the two are fastened and connected by the main bolts and nuts evenly distributed in the circumferential direction.

8. The kettle cover of the fluid heat transfer temperature control system is equipped with pressure gauges, bursting membrane safety devices, vapor-liquid phase valves, temperature sensors, etc., which are convenient to know the reaction situation in the kettle at any time, adjust the medium ratio in the kettle, and ensure safe operation. .

9. The upper part of the spacer is equipped with a tachometer coil. When the integrated stirrer and the inner magnetic ring rotate, the tachometer coil generates an induced electromotive force, which corresponds to the stirring speed. The potential is transmitted to the tachometer to display the stirring speed. Rotating speed.

10. The bearing adopts stainless steel bearing or high-strength electrochemical graphite, which is resistant to wear and tear and has a long maintenance period.

11. A cooling water jacket is installed between the magnetic coupling and the kettle cover. When the operating temperature is high, cooling water should be passed through, and the magnetic steel temperature is too high to demagnetize.
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