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How to Debug the Expansion Valve of Low Temperature Freezer?

The effective operation of low temperature freezer is relevant to the needed refrigerating effect. It is crucial to correct expansion valve if better cooling effect is wanted. So, how to debug the expansion valve of low temperature freezer?

During the operation of low temperature freezer, the smaller the opening is, the less the volume of fluid transmission and pressure are,and vice versa. Based on the thermodynamic property of refrigerating fluid, the corresponding temperature varies as the pressure differs. The pressure raises, so does the temperature.

Therefore, if the pressure of the expansion valve of low temperature freezer is too small, the evaporating pressure and temperature will be too low. However, the speed of evaporation, volumetric refrigeration capacities and cooling efficiency will reduce because the flow of evaporator decreases and the pressure declines.

Conversely, the outlet of the expansion valve of low temperature freezer has excess process pressure, the evaporating pressure and temperature will also be too high. And the flow and pressure entering the evaporator of low temperature freezer rise. The compressor functions abnormally because damp gas (even the liquid) caused by excessive liquid evaporation is absorbed by compressor to produce wet stroke, bring about a series of severe conditions and even the damage o compressor. So with that being said, the opening level of the expansion valve of low temperature freezer should be regulated according to the temperature of the low temperature freezer of the day, which means as per related pressure.

The inlet pressure of low temperature freezer goes with higher evaporating pressure generally due to the pressure loss of air suction pipe and degree of superheat ( it depends on the length of pipeline and thermal barrier effect). At that time, the regulate pressure should be similar to the evaporation pressure ( the latter one will be a little higher). The regulation of the expansion valve of low temperature freezer should proceed carefully and patiently. The modulating pressure must pass the ebullition of heat exchange produced by the evaporator and the temperature of low temperature freezer before going into the intake cavity of compressor through pipelines to reflect on the pressure gauge, which takes time.

Guanya Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd in Wuxi reminds that it takes 10 to 15 minutes every time for the regulation of the expansion valve of low temperature freezer to stabilize the pressure on the inlet pressure gauge. It should act with undue haste. The inlet pressure is a major parameter-basis for the compressor of low temperature freezer. The technical characteristics of the expansion valve of low temperature freezer influence the normal regulating operation straightway.

It is essential to tackle in time when faults like blocking and ice block happen in case that they affect the use of low temperature freezer. The low temperature freezer price from LNEYA is really reasonable. Come and contact us.

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